We are an intergenerational, grassroots, relational movement of thoughtful creatives for whom God is of central importance; who together with others desire to rekindle our spiritual, intellectual and creative legacy in culture by helping each other become the fullest expression of who God created us to be.

The Kindlings is a movement inspired by C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, Dorothy Sayers and a diverse group of gadflies and friends called The Inklings, who met in an Oxford pub each week for lively conversation and friendly disputation. We think such discourse should be intelligent, imaginative and hospitable. Our aim is to rekindle the spiritual, intellectual and creative legacy of Christians in culture.

What Do You Do?

We are a place where thoughtful creatives for whom God is of central importance can explore ideas that matter in contemporary life together through our live events, podcasts, festival events and artist retreats.  We serve thoughtful creatives for whom God is of central importance by facilitating conversations, connecting and convening them online and at local events. Explore the site, listen to a show, come to a live event or festival. 

Will You Define "Thoughtful Creatives for Whom God is of Central Importance?

We believe God has woven into each human unique intellectual, spiritual, creative and relational capacities that when fully developed satisfy the individual, serve other humans, create a richer culture and glorify God. In this superficial, dumbed down age when success is measured primarily by celebrity, marketing and money, we desire to identify, encourage and gather into community those who are fully committed to creating work that is a deeper and qualitative reflection of a creative mind and spirit at work.

Who Should Become a Kindling? YOU, (that is if):

  • You are a thoughtful creative for whom God is of central importance.
  • You desire to reach your fullest potential spiritually, intellectually and creatively
  • You want to connect with this tribe of the likeminded.
  • You want access to our podcast, blogs
  • You want to join the conversation with others.


I am Ready! How Do I Sign Up?

  1. Make an annual donation at whatever level makes sense for you. Donate Here