"The Artist's Life." Live At Hales: What is it like to make your living with your art?

What is it like to make your living with your art? The fame? The fortune? The Limos? Each of us has a unique creativity but only a few pursue their artistic impulses… and only a few of those are able to make their living at it. The rest wonder—chip away at their novel, poem, songwriting, […]

High Concept and Red Wheelbarrows

We are a society that loves high concept. by Maureen McQuery

Donald Miller "Blue Like Jazz" Podcast: Journeys Interview Part 1 of 4

Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz came out of nowhere to become a bestseller and went on to be made into a feature film by the same name. He also wrote A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: How I Learned to Live a Better Story, Storyline: Finding Your Subplot in God's Story, and Searching for God […]

Gaudy Night: The Art and Pull of Mysteries and Thrillers

Taproot Theatre Company's staging of Dorothy Sayers' Gaudy Night (Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries)inspires a conversation on the art and pull of mysteries and thrillers. Join host Jennie Spohr and author Michael Gruber, Bernadette Pajer, Johnathan Longenbaugh and librarian and blogger David Wright as we explore the deep dark depths of this thrilling genre.   https://s3.amazonaws.com/thekindlings/tkmtaproot100212.mp3Podcast: Play […]

Malcolm Guite's Poetry makes it into The Best Spiritual Writing 2013

Seven of Malcolm's Sonnet's are published in the American publication…

Hearth Alum Bobette Buster featured: What makes a story great?

Storyteller Bobette Buster gave a lecture at this year's "Do Lectures Festival" in Wales by Jurgen Wolff  

Malcolm Guite's "Sunset; a sonnet" (w/Audio)

Occasionally some friends and I  challenge one another to write a poem inspired by… by Malcolm Guite

Hearth Alum – Twenty Contemporary Writers of Faith: Scott Cairns

Cairns as taking on the role of a "slow pilgrim” in his poems. by  MICAH MATTIX  

Anne Rice: From "An Interview with the Vampire," to "Christ the Lord."A Dick Staub Interview.

A Dick Staub conversation with Anne Rice. You can't judge a book by its cover goes the old adage. After years of interviewing culturally influential authors I would add, neither can you always judge the author by the book. Who knew Margaret Atwood, author of "The Handmaid's Tale (Everyman's Library)," would tell me (off-the-air) of […]

A Dick Staub Show Interview with Peter Jenkins on "Looking for Alaska"

Dick had the chance to sit down with writer and traveler  Peter Jenkins  – a man who takes travel writing quite literally one step at a time as he has walked on foot the places about which he writes. Larry King has called Jenkins "One of America's greatest story tellers."  In this encore presentation Jenkins […]