Craig Detweiler at Mars Hill (Grand Rapids) on iGods.

Hearth Alum Craig Detweiler speaking at Mars Hill Bible Church asking, "Are we creators or consumers?"

Sleeping With Siri and the Digital Blackout – Live at Hales

How long could you go without checking Facebook? How far could you drive without Google Maps? Well one filmmaker decided to find out, in a "Supersize Me" meets the iPhone documentary, "Sleeping With Siri." Discover what he found out about how our obsessive media consumption is effecting our brains, our relationships and our future. Recorded […]

Jeff Keuss – The Great Divide – Live from Kindlings Fest 2012

KindlingsFest is a celebration of art and ideas and where they intersect with the spiritual.  This years Kindlings Fest on Orcas Island asked, "Can Crabbed age and youth live together?" Through film, talks, panel discussions, art, music and casual conversations we explored what it is that keeps generations apart and what can bring them together. Dr. Jeff […]