Sports as Religion: March Maddness, Superbowls and the Faith of Fan Culture.

Are you the devout March Madness-managed brackets of college basketball, the face-painting fanatic World Cup and Premier League Soccer fan, the statistic biding baseball fan, or are you the NFL-loving 12th Man? Sports have taken on a level of devotion, discipleship, worship, and community more often associated with the church-going public. An online discussion at […]

Live @ Hales Prometheus and The God Particle: Science, Myth, and the Origin of All Things

Prometheus and The God Particle: Science Myth and the Origin of All Things:  The Higgs Boson "hit" this summer (2012) as did Ridley Scott's "Alien” prequel "Prometheus.” We go back to the beginning of it all and explore the meaning of the search for our origins. With host Jennie Spohr and panel Dr. Jeff Keuss, and Dr. Christine Chaney Want to hear […]