Sundance : The Civil WarsPodcast: Live from The Windrider Forum @ Sundance Film Festival

The Civil Wars have recently announced the cancellation of all tour dates effectively saying they are breaking up… for now. This is an interview before their Grammy winning album even hit the stores and their star shot high. Windrider co-founder and host Craig Detweiler interviews The Civil Wars about their new break-out album Barton Hollow (This […]

Reflect on WaterSky: Echoes November CD of the Month.

Jeff Johnson and Phil Keaggy are important figures in different music worlds…

Keening for the Dawn…

As we begin to approach the season of Advent I want to tell you the story of an unexpected adventure. By Malcolm Guite

Someone’s Salvation: An Interview with Matthew Ryan

"And yet, the stories we live and the victories we waltz mean so much here…" By Kendall Ruth


How could an artist of such originality & vision… by Craig Detweiler

Live at Hale's – Music As Vibe: From Sigur Rós to Mumford and Sons

"What is behind language?" Can the music of Sigur Rós, with its made up lyrics still speak? And with a new album out, Babel, can a British band, Mumford and Sons, with a love of banjos create a new voice of this generation? What is it to listen to music in an intelligent way that isn't just […]

New Music: "Little Wing Unfurled" by Malcolm Guite

A post-Kindlings Fest 2012 song written by Malcolm Guite about a visit to Jimi Hendrix's grave with Jason Carter, Tess Overby & Laura Mettler.