Poetry from KindlingsFest:"IX Jesus Falls the Third Time" by Malcolm Guite

Malcolm Guite reads another of his poems during KindlingsFest 2014. The 9th sonnet on his sequence of 15 sonnets for the stations of the cross, taken from Sounding the Seasons: Seventy sonnets for Christian year.  This sonnet is called ‘Jesus falls for the third time’, and deals with the experience of acute depression. Here is the […]

Poetry from KindlingsFest: “Descent" by Malcolm Guite

A short reading of "Descent" by Malcolm Guite, from Kindlingsfest 2014. "Descent" is published in The Singing Bowl and also recorded as a song Descent – Good Company – The Songs of Steve Bell. Here is the full poem: They sought to soar into the skies, Those classic gods of high renown, For lofty pride aspires […]

Dr. Malcolm Guite on “The Sensuous God" – Live from Kindlingsfest

Malcolm Guite, as introduced by Scott Cairns, is “a thoroughly engaging teller of tales, a theologian, priest, and poet whose central passion appears to be relationship, connection, apprehending the sacredness off all persons."  He is the author of The Singing Bowl, Sounding the Seasons, Faith, Hope and Poetry: Theology and the Poetic Imagination, and Word in the […]

At the Rabbit Room: Faith, Hope, and Poetry and Malcolm Guite

So fellow rabbits, I present the good Mr. Guite. Dig in.

A Sonnet for George Herbert – By Malcolm Guite

On February 27th the Church of England keeps the feast and celebrates the memory of George Herbert…

A Reflection on Embracing Your Inner-self, from a Middle Ager inspired by Middle Earth

Bilbo is brought face to face with the need to embrace the passions of his childhood… By Michael Stevens

From Malcolm Guite to America: Thanksgiving; a Sonnet

Thanksgiving starts with thanks for mere survival, Just to have made it through another year With everyone still breathing. But we share So much beyond the outer roads we travel; Our interweavings on a deeper level, The modes of life that souls alone can share, The unguessed blessings of our being here, The warp and […]

Keening for the Dawn…

As we begin to approach the season of Advent I want to tell you the story of an unexpected adventure. By Malcolm Guite

New Music: "Little Wing Unfurled" by Malcolm Guite

A post-Kindlings Fest 2012 song written by Malcolm Guite about a visit to Jimi Hendrix's grave with Jason Carter, Tess Overby & Laura Mettler.

Malcolm Guite's Poetry makes it into The Best Spiritual Writing 2013

Seven of Malcolm's Sonnet's are published in the American publication…