The Oscars | Live at Hales Ales

Each year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences vote on the best films of the year – a global event known as "The Oscars". What do the choices for "best picture" have to say about what our culture values? Where are meaning and faith to be found? What role does story have in […]

Exodus: Gods and Kings – How Popular Culture Interprets the Bible.

The Bible has long been a source for fueling the cultural imagination. With the release of "Exodus: Gods and Kings" and more biblical epics in the works for 2015 what does this renewed interest in the Bible say about our culture and what people are drawing from these texts? This episode of The Kindlings Muse reviews the film […]

"Gone Girl” – the Book, Movie, and Future of Marriages in the Media. The Kindlings Muse at Hale's Ales

Gillian Flynn’s 2012 best-seller “Gone Girl” has captured the book clubs of the world with its fast paced, plot twisting tale of romance, marriage and revenge in modern life. With the film version directed by David Fincher starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike selling out theaters around the world, the story of seemingly star crossed […]

Knowing Their Place: Women as Heroes – Lisbeth Salander, Katniss and the Virgin Mary

With the increasing popularity of books and films giving a starring role to women as the ones who save the day, are these new heroines of contemporary culture a clash with Christianity?  with host Jennie Spohr and panel Lauri Evans Deason, Dr. Christine Chaney and Bill Hogg Play in new window | Download ()

Sleeping With Siri and the Digital Blackout – Live at Hales

How long could you go without checking Facebook? How far could you drive without Google Maps? Well one filmmaker decided to find out, in a "Supersize Me" meets the iPhone documentary, "Sleeping With Siri." Discover what he found out about how our obsessive media consumption is effecting our brains, our relationships and our future. Recorded […]

"Gravity" and the Isolation of the Soul Live at Hales

If you have you ever felt alone, lost, or like you are floating untethered, then listen to this exploration of isolation as it is portrayed in film. Alfonso Cuaron's (Children of Men) newest film "Gravity" starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney plumbs the depths of human frailty and what can be reborn out of extreme adversity. […]

Craig Detweiler Film Review: "12 YEARS A SLAVE Absolutely Essential"

How long can a movie stick with you?

The New Masculinity and the Changing Face of Action Flicks

What is in today's culture that makes a man? How does our culture understand masculinity? How is it portrayed in the increase of Comic Book hero and Action films? Is it accurate? Overzealous? Absurd? All the above? Host Jennie Spohr, Dr. Jeff Keuss, Jeffrey Overstreet, and Dr. Christine Chaney dig into the action films that shape our understanding of Masculinity. Play […]

Film Review: "There Will Come A Day" – Live From Sundance Film Festival

Out of the many films reviewed in this series, "There Will Come A Day" is given the highest ratings by our three critics, Dick Staub, Josh Staub (Director of Look and Light at Disney Animation) and Jason Valles (Founder, Third Floor Inc.). An Italian Film that follows Augusta, a young Italian woman, as she moves from […]

How Do We Feel about the Film "Touchy Feely?" Live from Sundance Film Festival

The synopsis for "Touchy Feely" starts with: "What happens when a family’s delicate psychic balance suddenly unravels?" Our three film critics – Dick Staub, Josh Staub (Director of Look and Light at Disney Animation) and Jason Valles (Founder, Third Floor Inc.) – have an intricate discussion about a film that they wanted to give a 5 […]