St. Paul's Greatest Chapter | Earl Palmer@The Kindlings Muse

St. Paul was a towering intellect with a pastor’s heart. His writings are among the most important in the first century and are central to Christianity. To single out one chapter as his greatest is an audacious claim, but this is precisely the case Rev. Earl Palmer will make as he explores what is often […]

Job – The Outer Limits of Faith and Prayer: The Kindlings Muse with Earl Palmer

What are the outer limits of faith and prayer? How do they manifest in the Book of Job? What insights into this epic tale of suffering can a modern poet and playwright offer? Listen as Earl Palmer and Dick Staub explore “The Book of Job" and J.B.: A Play in Verse by poet and playwright Archibald MacLeish. […]

T. S. Eliot: Journey of a Pessimist to Faith in God

From The Lovesong of Alfred J Prufrock  to the mysterious complexity of The Wasteland and more, Earl Palmer gives us a detailed biography of one of the greatest poets of the 20th century – T.S. Eliot. Centered around The Complete Poems and Plays of T.S. Eliot as a reference, Earl draws an image of the man through his poetry. What shaped […]

The Meaning of Holy Week: Two Poets as Our Guides – Isaac Watts & George Herbert

Earl Palmer and Dick Staub look at two poets that, whether known or unknown, have shaped our understanding of the Holy Week.  Earl says "the role a poet plays in helping us focus, in helping us understand the huge events of our lives and, also, to see and feel a resonance with great truths" is something we […]

Love and Truth Together in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment

Where do Love and Truth exhibit complimentary, generative outcomes in Raskolnikov's life? How did Dostoyevsky come to write the such a compelling story that affirms the oft-resisted truth that joy is found in suffering, redemption found in confession and owning up to our darkness? Earl Palmer and Dick Staub take a thorough look at a […]

Defining Joy – The Humor of Jesus by Earl Palmer & The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

Have you considered the humor and the laughter of God? G.K. Chesterton suspected that Jesus' greatest subtlety was the quite joy that he carried throughout his life. Earl Palmer looks at the humor of Jesus and attempts the difficult task of defining Joy, through his own book – The Humor of Jesus: Sources of Laughter in the Bible –  and C.S. Lewis' The […]