Earl Palmer: The Story of Amazing Grace

John Newton wrote the classic hymn Amazing Grace. He was an Anglican clergyman and former slave-ship master. Following his conversion, he eventually spoke out against the Slave Trade and had an influence on many young evangelical Christians, particularly William Wilberforce. Listen to a lively conversation as Earl Palmer and Dick Staub discuss the story of […]

Eric Metaxas: Amazing Grace: William WilberforcePodcast: Live at KindlingsFest 2011

 KindlingsFest 2011 explored the theme of Turning Mourning Into Dancing with speakers Dr. Jerry Root, Eric Metaxas and Michael Card. Eric Metaxas wrote Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery and shared with us thoughts from the life of William Wilberforce,  how his actions brought about epic cultural shifts as he navigated […]