Oh the Horrors: Vampire and Zombie MoviesPodcast: Live At Hales Segment

Host Dick Staub and guests discuss "Oh the Horrors": vampire and zombie movies as a genre, and a commentary on culture and on US! Guests include Jeffrey Overstreet, film critic, author, Jennie Spohr producer of TKM, film critic & ordained Presbyterian clergy, and first-timer: Dr. Christine Chaney associate professor of English and chair of the […]

The Gospel of Stephen King – The Kindlings Muse: Live at Hale's Ales

Stephen King might be known for his horror novels but his work goes deeper and broader than a single genre. With such books as Joyland, The Stand, The Green Mile, and The Shawshank Redemptioon and The Dark Tower series he gives a stark presentation of good vs. evil, right and wrong, and redemption. Listen as Host Jennie Spohr and panel Dr. Jeff Keuss, Suzanne Wolf, and New […]

Artist Bruce Herman's Journey Podcast: Live at KindlingsFest 2009

Dick Staub interviews artist in residence Bruce Herman, whose painting "Called" was featured at KindlingsFest 2009. KindlingsFest 2009 explored theme of Broken Beauty with Dr. Jerry Root, Nigel Goodwin and artists-in-residence Bruce Herman, Michael Ward, Rick Stevenson and Michael Kelly Blanchard. This is just a taste of KindlingsFest. Come join on us this summer for […]

Luci Shaw: Friends for the Journey (Madeleine L'Engle) Podcast: Live at KindlingsFest 2010

KindlingsFest 2010 explored theme of "Friends for the Journey" with Luci Shaw, Dr. Hal Poe, Dr. Jeff Keuss, Nigel Goodwin, Dr. Jerry Root, Jeff Johnson, and artists-in-residence Kathy Hastings, Bob Bennett and Corrie Moore. In this podcasts Luci Shaw shares stories and reflections on her friendship with Madeleine L'Engle and the book they wrote Friends […]

"The Artist's Life." Live At Hales: What is it like to make your living with your art?

What is it like to make your living with your art? The fame? The fortune? The Limos? Each of us has a unique creativity but only a few pursue their artistic impulses… and only a few of those are able to make their living at it. The rest wonder—chip away at their novel, poem, songwriting, […]

Love and Truth Together in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment

Where do Love and Truth exhibit complimentary, generative outcomes in Raskolnikov's life? How did Dostoyevsky come to write the such a compelling story that affirms the oft-resisted truth that joy is found in suffering, redemption found in confession and owning up to our darkness? Earl Palmer and Dick Staub take a thorough look at a […]

Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes: The Theology of Music and the New Spirituals

Dick Staub along with guests Jeff Keuss and Nigel Goodwin, take a look at the how three very distinct artistic musical entities approach the questions beyond your standard love song. The discussion includes a look the idea of "new spirituals" through the music of Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes. http://s3.amazonaws.com/thekindlings/tkm_hales030909.mp3Podcast: Play in new […]

On David Mamet and Living a Good Story

I’ve been re-reading David Mamet’sOn Directing Film. While there are some aspects of it… By Kendall Ruth

Douglas Gresham talks C.S. Lewis, Chronicles of Narnia & More with Dick Staub.

In August 2007 Dick Staub interviewed C.S. Lewis' stepson Douglas Gresham aboard Sea Cloud II as it sailed on the Irish Sea. This First Century Voyages trip also included presentations from Lewis' Scholar Dr. Jerry Root from Wheaton College. Listen as Dick and Mr. Gresham discuss growing up  with "Jack" Lewis as a step-father – […]

James Riordan's Book Collaboration, Springboard to Heaven Gains Momentum

"The story of Jojo Sayson is one of the quintessential American dreams…."