Live at Hale's: A Look Into "Downton Abbey"

Why are so many Americans, if not the rest of the world, so captivated about the ongoing ups and downs of a home of English Nobility adjusting to the Modern World? Is it the dissolving of class barriers? Or the humanity we find in every character from the Lord of the estate to the begging, […]

Flashback to a Meeting with Joss Whedon and the Firefly Cast

An extensive interview with the creator and cast of the TV series Firefly and film Serenity…by Jeffrey Overstreet

How Prime-Time TV Does FamilyLive at Canada West with Bill Hogg

Kindlings mainstays Kevin Miller and Peter T. Chattaway join host Bill Hogg in welcoming Dr. Myron Penner, PhD., to the panel. Myron is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Trinity Western University and an avid follower of Modern Family and college sports. You won't want to miss the wit and wisdom of our panel as they […]

Wallace and Gromit's Nick Park says Preston Guild 1972 start of his career


Ed Winkle on Youth CulturePodcast: A Dick Staub Show Encore Presentation from January 2003

This is an encore presentation of a Dick Staub Interview. The award winning Dick Staub Show was launched on KING Broadcasting in Seattle (NBC affiliate) in 1987, moved to Chicago where it was nationally syndicated in 1991 and was carried on over 60 stations. It moved back to Seattle when Dick did in 2001.  An […]

Glee: "Gleeks: Teen Musicals; Coming of Age" Podcast: Live At Hales Segment 1 of 1

Host Dick Staub leads a discussion of Glee, the surprising FOX TV series hit, with guests Dr. Jeffrey Keuss, SPU professor & an engaging interpreter of theology in popular culture; Jennie Spohr producer of TKM, film critic & ordained Presbyterian clergy; and Heather Hawkins, Seattle Actor and co- director of spring musicals at Eckstein middle […]

Dick Staub's book, "About You: Fully Human, Fully Alive!"

Hi there! As of today, my newest book, About You, Fully Human: Fully Alive, is now available online and at bookstores everywhere. If I may be so bold as to ask this favor? If you have enjoyed my writing, speaking, broadcasting, podcasting or whatever other contact we've had, I hope you run right out and […]

TKM Canada Looks The Gospel According to The Simpsons Podcast: Live at Canada West with Bill Hogg 1 of 1

Join irrepressible Kindlings host Bill Hogg in conversation with Dr. Allyson Jule, Peter Chattaway and Kevin Miller as this lively panel of cultural gadflies explores The Gospel According to The Simpsons. With over 450 episodes spanning two decades and a feature film to boot, why does the dysfunctional first family of Springfield enjoy continued popularity? […]

Glimmers Of Artistic HopeBlogger Dick Staub

Glimmers Of Artistic Hope"" I see faint glimmers of hope on the artistic front." 1) Classical Music Listen to what Aaron Jay Kernis, composer of "Newly Drawn Sky, said to Seattle Symphony conductor Gerard Strauss about his aspirations. "I want to write music that is visceral, that is moving, and that is impeccably put together. […]

Chris Seay. The Gospel According to Tony Soprano Podcast: Dick Staub Show Interview Segment 2 of 4

An encore presentation of a Dick Staub Interview with author Chris Seay whose book, The Gospel According to Tony Soprano explores the many reasons why this hit series has connected so deeply with American culture and exposes the mysteries of faith, family, life, and God that permeate the show. Published to coincide with the debut […]