O Coen Brothers, Where Art God? A Conversation Between Matt Zoller Seitz and Jeffrey Overstreet

Order Jason Carter's Audio Book: "Making In-Roads: Building Bridges Through Music"

Malcolm Guite -The Anointing at Bethany

Come close with Mary, Martha , Lazarus So close the candles stir with their soft breath…

Movie Review: Like Someone in Love (2012)

A call girl, a scholar, and a mechanic drive across town. by Jeffrey Overstreet

Paste Magazine – Drinks With Makoto Fujimura and Bruce Herman

Each time there is this unique presence in the paintings that gets particularized in the space.

Observable Readings: Scott Cairns, Melissa Range & Austin Segrest

St. Louis Poetry Center's Observable Readings series presents readings with poets Scott Cairns…

Faith and Art: What is the Heart of the Matter?

What is at the heart of the conversation between art… By Jeff Berryman

Mako Fujimura Announces: The Fujimura Institute

The purpose of the institute is to create projects and resources toward integration of art, faith and humanity

Scott Cairns: Learning to Pray

Scott reads some of his poetry and discusses his experiences as a pilgrim among the monks on the Holy Mountain, Mt. Athos.

The Quietest Painting in The Room

We think of the Sistine ceiling as heavenly and eternal, but it helps to remember it was new once… by Mischa Willett