Christmas at Hales: Reflections on Journey and Calling

During our annual Christmas show we explore what “call” and “journey" mean during the Christmas season. With the injustices in Ferguson and New York City framing the current culture, our panel reflects on what Christian tradition and the music, art, and poetry of our culture today can offer us on questions of our purpose. Live music […]

"Gone Girl” – the Book, Movie, and Future of Marriages in the Media. The Kindlings Muse at Hale's Ales

Gillian Flynn’s 2012 best-seller “Gone Girl” has captured the book clubs of the world with its fast paced, plot twisting tale of romance, marriage and revenge in modern life. With the film version directed by David Fincher starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike selling out theaters around the world, the story of seemingly star crossed […]

Knowing Their Place: Women as Heroes – Lisbeth Salander, Katniss and the Virgin Mary

With the increasing popularity of books and films giving a starring role to women as the ones who save the day, are these new heroines of contemporary culture a clash with Christianity?  with host Jennie Spohr and panel Lauri Evans Deason, Dr. Christine Chaney and Bill Hogg Play in new window | Download ()

Oh the Horrors: Vampire and Zombie MoviesPodcast: Live At Hales Segment

Host Dick Staub and guests discuss "Oh the Horrors": vampire and zombie movies as a genre, and a commentary on culture and on US! Guests include Jeffrey Overstreet, film critic, author, Jennie Spohr producer of TKM, film critic & ordained Presbyterian clergy, and first-timer: Dr. Christine Chaney associate professor of English and chair of the […]

U2 "Songs of Innocence," Apple, and the Future of Music – Live at Hales

Are we hearing the beginning of the end of U2? Whether they wanted it or not 500 million people became instantaneous owners of U2's latest release "Songs of Innocence" through the latest promotional effort of Apple. What do we love and hate about U2? Is giving away their album a corporate promotion tool, an extreme act […]

The Kindlings Muse – Extreme Wellness: Crossfit, Caveman Diets and the Search for a Better Human.

With the explosion in extreme fitness programs such as Crossfit, P90X, Bootcamp, Spartan and Tough Mudder Races coupled with radical diets modeled after primal eating habits are gaining more followers, what does this say about our culture’s view of health and wellness? Christian versions such as The Daniel Plan have taken off led by Purpose Driven […]

Sleeping With Siri and the Digital Blackout – Live at Hales

How long could you go without checking Facebook? How far could you drive without Google Maps? Well one filmmaker decided to find out, in a "Supersize Me" meets the iPhone documentary, "Sleeping With Siri." Discover what he found out about how our obsessive media consumption is effecting our brains, our relationships and our future. Recorded […]

Bro Culture in Mass Media: Sexism and Elongated Adolescence of Men. Live @ Hales

From the tech world to hip-hop, entertainers and the movies, will the fresh wave of alpha-male sexism pull the rug out from women or is it merely a last gasp of the powerful succumbing to the future? And in the end, can the relationship between the sexes be based on more than power? What is […]

Noah, the Movie: Russell Crowe, Darren Aronofsky and Biblical Storytelling – Live at Hales

Darren Aronofsky's film and first blockbuster, "Noah," has Russell Crowe playing the lead, but is it anywhere close to the Genesis account or just "Gladiator" on a boat? Why is Hollywood tackling this epic tale? Is the God story still visible in Aronofsky's film? Is Noah the broken hero we see in today's leaders? Recorded Live at […]

Divergent, Hunger Games, and finding God in Young Adult Fiction – Live from Hales

Young Adult Fiction is the leading fiction genre globally.  Stories of young people seeking purpose and deep connection are everywhere.  What do stories like Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars say about teenagers search for meaning? Listen to this live podcast with our host  Dr. Jeff Keuss, author of Blur: A New Paradigm for […]