Someone’s Salvation: An Interview with Matthew Ryan

"And yet, the stories we live and the victories we waltz mean so much here…" By Kendall Ruth

Live at Hale's – Music As Vibe: From Sigur Rós to Mumford and Sons

"What is behind language?" Can the music of Sigur Rós, with its made up lyrics still speak? And with a new album out, Babel, can a British band, Mumford and Sons, with a love of banjos create a new voice of this generation? What is it to listen to music in an intelligent way that isn't just […]

New Music: "Little Wing Unfurled" by Malcolm Guite

A post-Kindlings Fest 2012 song written by Malcolm Guite about a visit to Jimi Hendrix's grave with Jason Carter, Tess Overby & Laura Mettler.

Video: WaterSky – A Musical Collaboration of Jeff Johnson and Phil Keaggy

ALBUM AVAILABLE OCTOBER 2, 2012 – Sufjan’s Shoutout to All (the) Delighted People

It feels like he’s from another time or planet… by Brandon Dorn – Heima: That From Which You Came

Icelandic for homecoming, Heima is a documentary on the band Sigur Rós and their 2006 summer tour around their native country, Iceland. by Eric Kuiper

Ed Winkle on Youth CulturePodcast: A Dick Staub Show Encore Presentation from January 2003

This is an encore presentation of a Dick Staub Interview. The award winning Dick Staub Show was launched on KING Broadcasting in Seattle (NBC affiliate) in 1987, moved to Chicago where it was nationally syndicated in 1991 and was carried on over 60 stations. It moved back to Seattle when Dick did in 2001.  An […]

Grunge Podcast: Live At Hales Segment 1 of 1

It's been twenty years since Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and the rest of the Seattle Music scene established a new musical genre dubbed "Grunge" music. In this show host Jennie Spohr, Dr. Jeff Keuss and photographer Karen Mason Blair explore the music, the culture, and the personalities that were behind the Grunge scene.

Theology of Academy Award Best-Picture NomineesPodcast: Live At Hales Segment 1 of 1

Host Dick Staub leads a discussion of Welcome annual "theology of academy award nominees show" with Jeffery Overstreet, film critic & author Jennie Spohr, producer of The Kindlings Muse, and Dr. Christine Chaney associate professor of English and chair of the English department at Seattle Pacific University. We look at the themes of this year's […]

Brett McCracken's Hipster ChristianityPodcast: Live at Canada West with Bill Hogg 1 of 1

In our premier Kindlings Muse Canada West broadcast of 2011, Bill Hogg and our cadre of gadflies, film critic Peter T. Chattaway, and filmmaker Kevin Miller, add their wit and wisdom to the discussion. Brett McCracken's Hipster Christianity. McCracken's debut book, deconstructs evangelicalism's quest for cool and considers the trends the church openly embraces. McCracken alleges that we are, "turning Christianity […]