Malcolm Guite – Finding our Way Forward Beyond Generational Apartheid – Live from Kindlings Fest 2012

Kindlings Fest is a celebration of art and ideas and where they intersect with the spiritual.  This years Kindlings Fest on Orcas Island asked, "Can Crabbed age and youth live together?" Through film, talks, panel discussions, art, music and casual conversations we explored what it is that keeps generations apart and what can bring them together. Through poetry, […]

The Bono-fication of Christianity – Podcast: Live At Hales

With the release of Joshua Tree, U2 reached rock fame. More significantly, perhaps, BONO emerged as a prophetic voice in culture and in the church. He once said of his Christian faith: "It is what gives me the strength to get up every day and put forth a hundred percent of my energy." Bono's influence […]

Live at Hales – Curating Culture: 2013's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

This year the Rock n Roll all of Fame inductees are: Rush, Heart, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, Donna Summer, Lou Adler, Quincy Jones, and Albert King. These artists have had their hand on everything from Pixar films, the Rocky Horror Picture show; the sound behind the sound of your favorite songs, top charted pop sons to fight-the-system hip-hop and blues riffs. With host Jennie Spohr,  Dr. […]

Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes: The Theology of Music and the New Spirituals

Dick Staub along with guests Jeff Keuss and Nigel Goodwin, take a look at the how three very distinct artistic musical entities approach the questions beyond your standard love song. The discussion includes a look the idea of "new spirituals" through the music of Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes. Play in new […]

The Reverberating Word: Music as a Language of Faith – The Music of Bach, Handel, Getty, Townend

Earl Palmer trades in books for music for this show, looking at how the music of Bach, Handel, Getty, and Townend are expressions of Faith. Starting with the biographical history of each of these musical talents, Earl then interweaves how their faith shaped and came through in their composition. Play in new window | Download […]

"What are We Waiting For?" – Our Annual Christmas show at Hales Ales

Our Annual Christmas at Hales show focused on: Waiting. From St. John of The Cross to Pablo Neruda to our personal experiences with the Darkness before the Dawn we explore how we wait, why we wait and what to do while we wait, with contributions from our regular panelist Dr. Christine Chaney, Dr. Jeff Keuss, […]

Spiritually Significant Songs: Jeff Keuss, "Casimir Pulaski Day” by Sufjan Stevens

…the tension of belief coupled with doubt and discouragement–that only through music…

The Stomping String Rock of Uncle Daddy

In our over-stimulated, access-to-everything digital universe, seeing a band perform… By Kendall Ruth

Reflect on WaterSky: Echoes November CD of the Month.

Jeff Johnson and Phil Keaggy are important figures in different music worlds…

Keening for the Dawn…

As we begin to approach the season of Advent I want to tell you the story of an unexpected adventure. By Malcolm Guite