Dick Staub on KindlingsFest: A Week after Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul

What comes to mind the week after KindlingsFest? Full. The rich diversity of gifts and talents, the blend of wildly different personalities, the feast of ideas, the explosion of sound, color, taste, touches, and smells, and best of all, reunion with close friends and new friends for the journey… after K-Fest I am full. Hungry […]

"A Kindlings Kind of Christmas" Dick Staub

From Dick Staub to Kindlings Everywhere!  Have Yourself A "Kindlings Kind of Christmas!” As a Kindling you are part of a relational movement. I pray your Christmas will be full of rich times with family and friends and may your very presence illuminate and spread the warmth of Christmas to all you meet, as Washington Irving said, "Christmas is a season for kindling the fire […]

Sandy, Golden Sea and the Dillion Gallery

Never did I imagine then the catastrophic damage… due to Superstorm Sandy. By Mako Fujimura


Those two concepts, "serious” and "fun,” are rarely melded together in movies. by Craig Detweiler

So… who are you voting for, Pastor?"

There is a strange path that many Christian leaders seem to take… By Jeff Keuss

The Quietest Painting in The Room

We think of the Sistine ceiling as heavenly and eternal, but it helps to remember it was new once… by Mischa Willett


Why is The Master worth the investment of time and (emotional) energy? by Craig Detweiler

Malcolm Guite's "Sunset; a sonnet" (w/Audio)

Occasionally some friends and I  challenge one another to write a poem inspired by… by Malcolm Guite

Hearth Alum – Twenty Contemporary Writers of Faith: Scott Cairns

Cairns as taking on the role of a "slow pilgrim” in his poems. by  MICAH MATTIX  

To Dodge Intimacy for Authority

I wonder how much we look to "Kings” to exercise Authority because we are far too threatened with the Intimacy of the Wise? by Kendall Ruth