How Prime-Time TV Does FamilyLive at Canada West with Bill Hogg

Kindlings mainstays Kevin Miller and Peter T. Chattaway join host Bill Hogg in welcoming Dr. Myron Penner, PhD., to the panel. Myron is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Trinity Western University and an avid follower of Modern Family and college sports. You won't want to miss the wit and wisdom of our panel as they dive into this issue. The archetypal "Leave it to Beaver" family is absent from prime-time programming; instead, nontraditional families have made their way to the forefront of our televisions.

As HBO's polygamist family of Big Love wraps up its 5-season run, TLC offers us the Brown family, practicing polygamists of the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints faith. The Big Bang Theory and Grey's Anatomy follow young professionals who form community in the absence of loving family. Modern Family, portrays traditional, blended, and homosexual families, all of which grapple with the question, "What does it mean to be a family today?"

We  pose the same question to our panel as we explore the messages of prime time's most popular shows.

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