Creating Culture: Goodwin, Swanson and Carter.Podcast: Live At Hales Segment 1 of 1

Tonight we'll discuss creating culture with a particular concentration on artistic. entertainment and  media culture.  Our guests are Nigel Goodwin, who was trained professionally as an actor, then studied at L'Abri and went on to establish the Art Centre Group and Genesis Arts. We are also joined by Michael Swanson an innovative entrepreneur and movie […]

Jerry Root: Lecture #2 C.S. Lewis On Joy. Podcast: Live at KindlingsFest 2011

KindlingsFest 2011 explored the theme of Turning Mourning Into Dancing with speakers Dr. Jerry Root, Erik Metaxas and Michael Card. Dr. Jeff Keuss hosted conversations about Sundance Select films, Nigel Goodwin performed a daily Whimsy and hosted Bag End Cafe. Jeff Johnson and Brian Moss led worship each day. Artists-in-residence included singer-songwriter Susan Osborn, dancers […]

The British Are Here – Live from Kindlingsfest 2014

KindlingsFest 2014 was all about “Come to Your Senses." Our first evening was an enthusiastic, round table conversation about the distinctions and elements of a generative, creative faith community, thrown in with some humorous trivia to test our friends from the UK. Hosts Dick Staub and Jeff Keuss lead a boisterous gathering that includes British […]

The Bono-fication of Christianity – Podcast: Live At Hales

With the release of Joshua Tree, U2 reached rock fame. More significantly, perhaps, BONO emerged as a prophetic voice in culture and in the church. He once said of his Christian faith: "It is what gives me the strength to get up every day and put forth a hundred percent of my energy." Bono's influence […]

Art Miller – The Shape of Your Soul; The Seeds of Your Destiny Live from KindlingsFest 2013

"This is not about you, this is YOU! If you can grab hold of that idea that when you look at what you've done in your life that you have enjoyed, believe you've done well… that's YOU." "The Shape of Your Soul; The Seeds of Your Destiny."  – For more than 45 years, Art Miller, […]

A Conversation with Art Miller – The Kindlings Muse Live at KindlingsFest 2013

In this Kindlings Muse Live from KindlingsFest 2013 show, Dick Staub sits down with Nigel Goodwin, Art Miller, and Don Kiehl to look at the unique elements that shape what we were created to do with our lives. Art uses Motivated Abilities Patterns to help people to discover what they are gifted to do. To give some […]

Artist Bruce Herman's Journey Podcast: Live at KindlingsFest 2009

Dick Staub interviews artist in residence Bruce Herman, whose painting "Called" was featured at KindlingsFest 2009. KindlingsFest 2009 explored theme of Broken Beauty with Dr. Jerry Root, Nigel Goodwin and artists-in-residence Bruce Herman, Michael Ward, Rick Stevenson and Michael Kelly Blanchard. This is just a taste of KindlingsFest. Come join on us this summer for […]

Luci Shaw: Friends for the Journey (Madeleine L'Engle) Podcast: Live at KindlingsFest 2010

KindlingsFest 2010 explored theme of "Friends for the Journey" with Luci Shaw, Dr. Hal Poe, Dr. Jeff Keuss, Nigel Goodwin, Dr. Jerry Root, Jeff Johnson, and artists-in-residence Kathy Hastings, Bob Bennett and Corrie Moore. In this podcasts Luci Shaw shares stories and reflections on her friendship with Madeleine L'Engle and the book they wrote Friends […]

Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes: The Theology of Music and the New Spirituals

Dick Staub along with guests Jeff Keuss and Nigel Goodwin, take a look at the how three very distinct artistic musical entities approach the questions beyond your standard love song. The discussion includes a look the idea of "new spirituals" through the music of Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes. Podcast: Play in new […]

Inklings Oxford 2013

An Inklings Week in Oxford St. Aldates Church Oxford, England Sunday evening, July 14 – Friday evening, July 19, 2013 In the summer of 2013 Dick Staub and Nigel Goodwin will be joining our good friend Hal Poe as his Inklings Fellowship convenes a fabulous summer event in Oxford for the fiftieth anniversary year of the […]