The Kindlings Muse @ Hales is generally scheduled for the SECOND Mondays of the month. Hales Ales Brewery & Pub (4301 Leary Way NW) is located at the center of the universe in Seattle's Fremont District. Join us in the live audience from 7:00-8:30PM. Space is limited to 90 people per week and reservations are required. Cover is $8 (students free).

Doors open at 6:15PM and each show begins at 7PM

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Monday November 11, 2013: Gravity and the Isolation of the Soul

Alfonso Cuaron's (Children of Men) newest film "Gravity" starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney plumbs the depths of human frailty and what can be reborn out of extreme adversity. How does one's spirit triumph in the face of deepest despair? We'll talk about it with Dr. Christine Chaney,  Dr. Jeff Keuss, film critic Jeffrey Overstreet, and host Jennie Spohr

Monday January 13, 2014: Moving Soundtracks: Music, Movies and Multiple Paths to illumination.

Why does the music of film endure, sometimes longer than the films? What is it in the score, the soundtrack that we connect with so deeply that we will sometimes forget the film but buy the the music? Are we moved by pictures or moved by the music in the pictures? with host Jennie Spohr, and Dr. Jeff Keuss 

Monday February 10, 2014: Theology of The Oscars: Our annual Oscar party, Kindlings style.

What do Hollywood's best picture nominees tell us about God and ourselves? With host Jennie Spohr and panelists Dr. Christine ChaneyDr. Jeff KeussChris Chaney and Heath Ward.

Monday March 10, 2014: Young Adult Fiction: Then and Now

Young Adult Fiction: Then and Now – from novels of Victorian manners to today's dystopian wastelands, what is it about YA fiction that catches the imagination, no matter what age?
Join the conversation with our host Dr. Jeff Keuss and our panel Jennie SpohrMaureen McQuerry and Michael Gruber.

Monday April 14, 2014: Noah, the Movie: Russell Crowe, Darren Aronofsky and Biblical Storytelling

Darren Aronofsky's latest film and first blockbuster, "Noah," has Russell Crowe playing the lead, but is it anywhere close to the Genesis account or just "Gladiator" on a boat? Why is Hollywood tackling this epic tale? Is the God story still visible in Aronofsky's film?
Join us at Hales Brewery and Pub with our host  Dr. Jeff KeussJennie SpohrDr. Christine Chaney, and Jeffrey Overstreet for a lively, provocative discussion.

Monday May 12, 2014: Bro Culture in Mass Media

From the tech world to hip-hop, entertainers and the movies, will the fresh wave of alpha-male sexism pull the rug out from women or is it merely a last gasp of the powerful succumbing to the future? And in the end, can the relationship between the sexes be based on more than power? Come find out what bro culture is, why it is gaining prevalence and what effect it has on our culture.
Join us at Hales Brewery and Pub with our host  Dr. Jeff KeussJennie Spohr, Brian Bantum, and Jennifer McKinney

Monday June 9, 2014: Sleeping With Siri and the Digital Blackout

How long could you go without checking Facebook? How far could you drive without Google Maps? Well one filmmaker decided to find out, in a "Supersize Me" meets the Iphone documentary. Discover what he found out about how our obsessive media consumption is effecting our brains, our relationships and our future.
Join us at Hales Brewery and Pub with our host  Dr. Jeff KeussJennie Spohr, and Marty Riemer.
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