The Kindlings Muse @ Hales is generally scheduled for the SECOND Mondays of the month. Hales Ales Brewery & Pub (4301 Leary Way NW) is located at the center of the universe in Seattle's Fremont District. Join us in the live audience from 7:00-8:30PM. Space is limited to 90 people per week and reservations are required. Cover is $10 (students free).

Doors open at 6:15PM and each show begins at 7PM

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Monday September 15, 2014 : Extreme Wellness: Crossfit, Caveman diets and the search for a Better Human.

There has been an explosion in interest in extreme fitness: As medical professionals point to our culture’s growing obesity epidemic, programs such as Crossfit, P90X, Bootcamp, Spartan and Tough Mudder Races coupled with radical diets modeled after primal eating habits are gaining more followers. Christian versions such as The Daniel Plan have taken off led by Purpose Driven Life author Rick Warren. Why this new extreme take on fitness? What does this say about our culture’s view of health and wellness? Are these extreme programs hurting us or saving us? With host Dr. Jeff Keuss, Scott Rodriguez – Crossfit level 1 Trainer and Regional Crossfit Games Athlete – and Julie Church – Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Director at Opal: Food+Body Wisdom.

Monday October 13, 2014: U2 "Songs of Innocence," Apple and the Future of Music.

500 million people became instantaneous owners of U2's latest release "Songs of Innocence" through the latest promotional effort of Apple. We will review U2's newest album, where it sits in the U2 canon, and controversy surrounding corporations choosing the music that appears on our playlists.
Join us at Hale’s Brewery and Pub with our host Dr. Jeff Keuss Jennie Spohr, Jeffrey Overstreet and Pickwick's Galen Disston.

Monday November 10, 2014: "Gone Girl” – the book, movie, and future of marriages in the media

Gillian Flynn’s 2012 best-seller “Gone Girl” has captured the book clubs of the world with its fast paced, plot twisting tale of romance, marriage and revenge in modern life. With the flim version directed by David Fincher starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike selling out theaters around the world, the story of seemingly star crossed lovers becoming a horror story has touched a cultural nerve. What does this story say about how people view relationships today? Is marriage now the villain of modern life? Is romance always doomed?  with host Dr. Jeff Keuss author Jennie Spohr, and Tina Sellers – professor in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Seattle Pacific University.

Monday December 8, 2014: Annual Christmas Show at Hales – Reflections on Journey and Calling.

Join us for our most treasured show of the year as we explore what “call” and “journey” mean during the Christmas season. We will reflect on what Christian tradition and the music, art, and poetry of our culture today can offer us on questions of our purpose. Live music will be performed by Eric Miller to sing us into the Advent season. Come celebrate with friends both new and old as we consider together what calling and journey mean for us during this ‘most wonderful time of the year.’
Host: Dr. Jeff Keuss
Panelists: Richard Dahlstrom, Senior Pastor of Bethany Community Church and author of "The Colors of Hope" , Brian Bantum, Associate Professor of Theology and author of "Redeeming Mulatto" ,  Jeffrey Overstreet,  film critic and author of "Through a Screen Darkly" , and Kindlings Muse producer,  Anna Miller.

Monday January 12, 2015: Exodus: Gods and Kings – How Popular Culture Interprets the Bible

The Bible has long been a source for fueling the cultural imagination. With the release of Exodus: Gods and Kings and more biblical epics in the works for 2015 what does this renewed interest in the Bible say about our culture and what people are drawing from these texts? Join us for our first show of the new year as we review Christian Bale's film and discuss other biblical interpretations in popular culture.Host Dr. Jeff Keuss
Panelists: Jeffrey Overstreetfilm critic and author of Through a Screen Darkly,  Jennie Spohr, author of Heirs & Spares and God & King, and Kindlings Muse producer,  Anna Miller.

Monday February 9, 2015: The Oscars Best Picture Nominees: What They Say About Us, Our Culture, & God

Scientific Geniuses rising up despite opposition, overthrowing racial barriers, and boys learning what it is to be men, or men coming to terms with mortality are just some of the themes of this year’s Best Picture Nominees. The 2014 year in film has been dubbed a box office failure, but this year’s Best Pictures defy the numbers with rich storytelling that goes deeper than previous years. Join us for a dynamic conversation of the Best Picture nominees where our panelists will speculate about the winner and discuss how each of these films speak into the spiritual hunger of our generation. Host: Dr. Jeff Keuss with a panel that includes: Jeffrey Overstreet, film critic and author of Through a Screen Darkly, Jennie Spohr, author of The Realm Series, and Kindlings Muse produce, Anna Miller.

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