The Theology of The 2014 Oscar Best Picture Nominees – Live at Hales

This year's Oscar Nominated Films are less about the blockbuster and more about the human story: "American Hustle," "Captain Phillips," "Dallas Buyers Club," "Gravity," "Her," "Nebraska," "Philomena," "12 Years a Slave," and "The Wolf of Wall Street." What do these films say about God, us, and our darkness as well as our potential for light? With […]

The Bono-fication of Christianity – Podcast: Live At Hales

With the release of Joshua Tree, U2 reached rock fame. More significantly, perhaps, BONO emerged as a prophetic voice in culture and in the church. He once said of his Christian faith: "It is what gives me the strength to get up every day and put forth a hundred percent of my energy." Bono's influence […]

Moving Soundtracks: Music, Movies and Multiple Paths to Illumination.

Why does the music of film endure, sometimes longer than the films? What is it in the score, the soundtrack that we connect with so deeply that we will sometimes forget the film but purchase the the music? Are we moved by films or moved by the music in them? with Dr. Jeff Keuss, Jennie Spohr, Jeffrey Overstreet and composer Marty […]

The Kindlings Muse – Christmas at Hales 2013

Our TKM favorites had a winsome seasonal evening  this year with host Jennie Spohr, and Dr. Jeff Keuss along with panel contributors Charity Osborn, Suzanne Wolfe, Christine Chaney, and Michael Gruber.  Poetry, story, Music, tradition and more as each contributor shares how each comes to Christmas. Podcast: Play in new window | Download ()

"Gravity" and the Isolation of the Soul Live at Hales

If you have you ever felt alone, lost, or like you are floating untethered, then listen to this exploration of isolation as it is portrayed in film. Alfonso Cuaron's (Children of Men) newest film "Gravity" starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney plumbs the depths of human frailty and what can be reborn out of extreme adversity. […]

Measuring True Grit: The New Self-Esteem Live at Hale's Ales

What makes a person of Excellence? Is it talent? Is it hard work? Is it intelligence? How is our current culture defining the best way to grow  – our children and ourselves? Gone are the trophies just for trying and the "everybody is a winner" mentality. The new buzz word in self-actualization is "grit." Research […]

Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan – Live at Hale's Ales

"Was Jesus just an illiterate peasant?" Reza Aslan's Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. This controversial take on the life of Jesus caused waves across the country with a Fox News Interview with Reza Aslan that moved the book into the spotlight, but what does the book really say and why does it matter? We'll talk […]

The Gospel of Stephen King – The Kindlings Muse: Live at Hale's Ales

Stephen King might be known for his horror novels but his work goes deeper and broader than a single genre. With such books as Joyland, The Stand, The Green Mile, and The Shawshank Redemptioon and The Dark Tower series he gives a stark presentation of good vs. evil, right and wrong, and redemption. Listen as Host Jennie Spohr and panel Dr. Jeff Keuss, Suzanne Wolf, and New […]

The New Masculinity and the Changing Face of Action Flicks

What is in today's culture that makes a man? How does our culture understand masculinity? How is it portrayed in the increase of Comic Book hero and Action films? Is it accurate? Overzealous? Absurd? All the above? Host Jennie Spohr, Dr. Jeff Keuss, Jeffrey Overstreet, and Dr. Christine Chaney dig into the action films that shape our understanding of Masculinity. Podcast: Play […]

Mandatory Time Off: Work Less, Enjoy Life More. Podcast: Live At Hales

Are you working more and enjoying life less? In the 90's Juliet Schor wrote a book titled "The Overworked American" arguing among other things that the typical American worker puts in nine weeks more on the job than his or her European counterpart. A recent report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research argues […]