Brett McCracken's Hipster ChristianityPodcast: Live at Canada West with Bill Hogg 1 of 1

In our premier Kindlings Muse Canada West broadcast of 2011, Bill Hogg and our cadre of gadflies, film critic Peter T. Chattaway, and filmmaker Kevin Miller, add their wit and wisdom to the discussion. Brett McCracken's Hipster Christianity. McCracken's debut book, deconstructs evangelicalism's quest for cool and considers the trends the church openly embraces. McCracken alleges that we are, "turning Christianity […]

"Peace, Joy & Love." Cultural Expressions in film, fiction and music that explore and reveal Christmas themes. Podcast: Live At Hales Segment 1 of 1

Host Dick Staub leads a discussion inspired by a conversation with Fuller Seminary's Robert Johnston who has said his personal theological vision is to address the question: "How are we to understand what God is doing outside the church & without reference to Jesus Christ?" How is God speaking through culture itself? On this show […]

Sects, Love, and Rock & Roll Podcast: Live at Canada West with guest host Kevin Miller 1 of 1

Author Joel Heng Hartse visits The Kindlings Muse @ Canada West to share wit and wisdom from his book, Sects, Love, and Rock & Roll: My Life on Record, his memoirs and critiques of growing up in the Christian music subculture. Regular panelist Kevin Miller pinch-hits as host and leads the panel's discussion of music and […]

Dr. Jeff Keuss: "iPod, YouTube, WiiFit," friendship through the eyes of emerging adults Podcast: Live at KindlingsFest 2010

KindlingsFest 2010 explored theme of Friends for the Journey with Luci Shaw, Dr. Hal Poe, Dr. Jeff Keuss, Nigel Goodwin, Dr. Jerry Root, Jeff Johnson, and artists-in-residence Kathy Hastings, Bob Bennett and Corrie Moore. Join us in 2011 on Orcas Island July 27-30, 2011.   One of the many talks from Kindlings Fest taking place […]

Dick Staub's book, "About You: Fully Human, Fully Alive!"

Hi there! As of today, my newest book, About You, Fully Human: Fully Alive, is now available online and at bookstores everywhere. If I may be so bold as to ask this favor? If you have enjoyed my writing, speaking, broadcasting, podcasting or whatever other contact we've had, I hope you run right out and […]

TITLE: TKM Canada: Social Media and Amusing Ourselves to DeathPodcast: Live at Canada West with Bill Hogg 1 of 1

Listen in as Bill Hogg hosts Kindlings Canada West regulars Dr Allyson Jule and Peter Chattaway as they are joined in lively conversation by Dr Carson Pue. Carson Pue is the president of Arrow Leadership and the best selling author of "Mentoring Leaders: Wisdom for Developing Character, Calling and Competency." In 1985, Neil Postman published […]

Dorothy Sayers: "The Whimsical Christian""Podcast: Live At Earl Palmer Ministries

Tonight host Dick Staub and Rev. Earl Palmer explore Dorothy Sayers, English crime writer, poet, playwright, essayist & Christian humanist, through a a series of essays originally published as The Whimsical Christian and later most are found in "Letters to a Diminished Church: Passionate Arguments for the Relevance of Christian Doctrine." Podcast: Play in new […]

President George Washington: Not Enamored of PowerPodcast: Live At Earl Palmer Ministries

Host Dick Staub and Rev Earl Palmer appear live at the historic NATIONAL Presbyterian Church in Washington DC, where they discuss President George Washington: The Man, His Life Journey, His Greatness as An American Leader as seen through the lens of three books:1) David McCullough's 1776 2) His Excellency: George Washington 3)Washington's Rules Of Civility And Decent Behavior In […]

After the Storm: Hilla Medalia, John and Ed Priddy Podcast: Live from Sundance 2010 at The Windrider Forum: Segment 1 of 1

Host Dick Staub discusses a film the NYT describes as, "A big, warm hug of feel-better entertainment and a community salve." The film tells the story of New York-based actor James Lecesne, choreographer Gerry McIntyre and musical director Randy Redd Who embark on a journey to New Orleans to see how they can help in the […]

Beatnik Spirituality for Today: The New Dylans" Podcast: Live At Hales Segment 1 of 1

Music is a language of the gods and when the lyrics are thoughtful all the more so. Tonight our topic is Beatnik Spirituality for Today: The New Dylans"A look at Dylan, Low, The Long Winters, Parenthetical Girls, Bright Eyes and Cold War Kids with Chris Estey, and special guest musicians Robert Deeble and Molly Rose. […]